International Patients

If you are an international patient, please write to (Mr V Prasad Rao) or call at +91 - 8099519191 to book your appointment. Based on your medical problem and depending upon the availability of the concerned doctor, we will provide you with an appointment.

Once you share with us your reports, based on the opinion of the doctor here, an invitation letter will be sent to you. A copy of the invitation letter needs to be attached with your visa processing documents.

Q. What are the details that I need to share for the invitation letter?

  • Full name of the patient and the accompanying attendants
  • Passport numbers of those travelling to India. Please do NOT send scanned copies of the passport as we do not need the same.
  • Residential/official address
  • Name of city/ country where you would be applying to the Indian consulate for the visa
  • Tentative travel period

Q. How do I communicate with you, if I do not speak English or any other Indian language?

  • We have Arabic translators available at LVPEI. They will be with you during your medical interaction and will help you communicate effectively

Q. For how long should I plan for my stay?

  • If after your consultation, you are advised to undergo surgery, then you may need to stay for one week to 10 days depending upon the complexity of the surgery and the post operation care and recovery.

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