Training Of Eye Bank

Training Of Eye Bank Professionals

The RIEB offers certificate courses to different cadres of eye bank personnel. At the RIEB training center, eye bank professionals from India and other countries are educated in the planning of eye banking services, policy making in eye banking and eye banking techniques. The RIEB also conducts the Indian Eye Banking Education Programme (IEBEP) workshop once in 2 years to educate eye bankers in the basics and latest advancements in eye banking. The research wing of the RIEB focuses on research pertaining to donor cornea storage and donor cornea decontamination.

In collaboration with ORBIS International, USA, and EyeSight International, Canada, the RIEB has established an International Training and Resource Centre for Eye Banking. The center offers training in the following programs:

RIEB's staff makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure and continuous improvement through training to execute all aspects of community eye banking including:

Training Programs

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