Srujana Centre for Innovation

Srujana Centre for Innovation was setup in 2013 as a direct outcome of the “Engineering the Eye” workshop organized jointly by LVPEI and the Camera Culture Group, MIT Media Lab, USA, with funding support from Cyient Ltd. The workshop enforced the need to have clinicians, engineers and designers work on a collaborative platform to address several new and existing eye care problems in the developing nations through cutting-edge technology that is simpler, more accessible and affordable. The collaboration with MIT Media Lab extends to the development of tools for eye imaging and automated screening with the help of machine learning algorithms. The development work at the Innovation Centre encompasses development of technology to serve both clinical and research needs - including technology that would eventually be used for surgical needs. Along with the Camera Culture Group, the centre runs the LVPEI-MITRA Program, which is an opportunity for students to work on projects mentored by graduate students at the MIT Media Lab and clinical mentors at LVPEI. Selected students get an opportunity to go to MIT as visiting students.

The centre is now equipped with a diverse and dynamic team of engineers, designers and clinicians, along with a world class design studio for in-house rapid prototyping. 3 prototypes developed by the team are in the process of completion and patents have been filed for two very innovative and extremely useful products - Pediatric Perimeter and Bulls Eye Drops. The Pediatric Perimeter - a novel device to check the visual field of babies was chosen as the winner of the BioAsia Innovation Award 2016.

Engineering the Eye Workshop

The 4th edition of the most awaited Engineering the Eye workshop was held from 3-9 July 2016 at the Srujana Center for Innovation at LVPEI Hyderabad in association with MIT Media Lab and CYIENT. The workshop is a platform where students, innovators, clinicians, designers and entrepreneurs come together to brainstorm and discuss about innovations in the field of eye care. The key highlight of the workshop was the award introduced by Tej Kohli Corneal Institute (TKCI) in conjunction with Srujana for an innovative idea to prevent corneal blindness and diseases. A portable device for measuring corneal topograpy won this award and now this product will be incubated in Srujana with the support from TKCI. Mr Rajiv Sharma, the Chief Secretary of Telangana Sate, was the chief guest. Also present were Mr Chinthakinda Mallesham, a rural innovator and the MIT Media Lab team headed by Prof Ramesh Raskar

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