Mr Tej Kohli, Chairman of Kohli Ventures: Working Towards the Common Goal of Eliminating Corneal Blindness

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His hallmark is passion - passion for businesses that have a global impact, young people whom he believes are the pioneers of the future, and social responsibility in the form of philanthropy.

It was this same passion that motivated Mr Tej Kohli, along with his wife Ms Wendy Kohli, to set up the Tej Kohli Foundation in 2002. The Foundation currently operates in India, Costa Rica and Africa, whilst constantly exploring new countries. An ardent philanthropist, he believes that success should not be celebrated in isolation, but by supporting those who are less fortunate.

The Foundation has been ceaselessly working towards its 2030 goal of eradicating corneal blindness. In the first phase, it was instrumental in offering corneal transplants to the local communities. The second phase of eliminating corneal blindness commenced with the formation of the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute (TKCI) in partnership with LVPEI and world renowned Dr May Griffith and her team.

The Tej Kohli Foundation’s support to TKCI is a long-term commitment that will move more rapidly towards eliminating the blight of blindness. The TKCI will also explore revolutionary medical advances and their wider application across the field of ophthalmology.

“Blindness is blight on the human race and has many causes. The sad truth is that many of these causes are easily preventable and treatable. In third world and developing countries blindness means exclusion. Thousands of people are obstructed from becoming valuable, contributing members of society. We must not allow this to continue in the 21st century and it is our duty to step in and support with passion, pride, hard work, and a guarantee of financial commitment,” says Mr Kohli.

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