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An innovative CSR project which achieves >7X times social impact: In 2021, Maanaveeya (MV) initiated its CSR in an innovative way. To create a larger impact in lives of low-income people, Maanaveeya ideated on an innovative CSR intervention which would cater to the needs of the NGO. In FY21 & FY22, MV decided to support implementation of rooftop solar power project in L V Prasad Eye Institute at its campus which would create impact all through the 25-year lifetime of the solar panels.

One-time CSR grant towards the fixed assets of the organisation would save on the Electricity bill year-on-year, for more than 25 Years, thus creating >7X impact. This is tabulated below:

Indicators & Values
Solar Capacity in kW  - 70
Generation per day (kWh)  -  280
Generation per year (kWh)  -  92,400
Generation in 25 years (kWh)  -  23,10,000
Cost of solar system (INR)  -  33,50,000
No. of surgeries that could be sponsored (one time) with the same amount spent on solar system  -  1,340
Value of electricity savings in 25 years (INR) @ 10/- per unit  -  2,31,00,000
Above savings would support no. of Eye surgery in 25 years  -  9,240
Enhanced social impact due to installation of solar instead of one- time donation  -  7 times

-     The CSR Partnership resulted in creating over 7 times more social impact through one time CSR grant. This intervention has ensured huge social impact, ensuring more persons with blindness have their vision restored, repeatedly year-after-year, for 25 years. 
-     Adaptation of green energy has positive annual environmental impact of 76 Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emission reduction. That is equivalent to annually planting 3444 fully grown mango trees. Over the lifetime of the project, this is equivalent to 86,100 trees growing to be the full-fledged forest.
-     SDG Impact: SDG 3 – Good health & well-being; SDG 7 – Affordable & Clean energy; SDG 13 – Climate Action
-     In recognition of this innovative CSR intervention at LVPEI, Maanaveeya was awarded Mahatma Award for CSR Excellence 2022

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