If you are interested to lend your hands to help, you are at the right place then! Although we have developed the Helping Hands to assist persons with vision loss, it is futile without your participation. Here’s where you will find all the information you require to find out if you can be a volunteer. Check out the list of FAQs below and find answers to your questions.

Q. Can I be a volunteer?

Anyone who has a heart to help and time to spare can be a volunteer provided you fulfill our criteria

Q. Am I eligible to be a volunteer?

Any person who is interested to volunteer should have completed 6 months of voluntary services such as voice-lending, scribe and reader services with us. This is only to know you more and get familiar with you so as to welcome you to our Helping Hands family!

Q. I haven’t offered any voluntary services before, but my acquaintance is a volunteer with you. So can I still help?

You can be a volunteer with us provided your acquaintance introduces you to us.

Q. Neither I have rendered voluntary services for 6 months nor do I know of any acquaintance who is associated with your institution, but I am still wanting to help.

We don’t want to shut doors on anyone who is coming forward to help. So call and talk to us so that we can get to know you more and see where it takes us.

Q. Do you have age limit for volunteers?

We appreciate any who is willing to come forward as a volunteer, however, we have limited the age group to persons who are 18 and above.

Q. How can I register on Helping Hands?

Once you know you fulfil the criteria to b a volunteer, just download the app and follow the instructions mentioned init. Use the link below to download it.

Google play

Q. Is the app available both on Playstore and Appstore?

As of now, the app is only available on Playstore, but we are soon going to launch it on Appstore as well. So do look forward to it!

Q. What details do I have to submit to be a registered volunteer?

Your name, mobile number and a photocopy of your identity proof is all we ask at the time of registration.

Q. Why do I need to submit a photocopy of my identity proof?

We want Helping Hands to be a platform that’s assured of safety for all its users. So for additional security and backend registration, we require the identity proofs of interested volunteers.

Q. What identity proof will I have to submit?

You can submit any government recognised identity proof in which your name, photo and postal address is mentioned. (i.e. Adhaar card, driving license, ration card, etc.)

Q. What kind of assistance will be asked of me?

The assistance will be areas in which persons with vision loss need sighted persons’ physical help. It could be helping out in traveling like picking them up and dropping them to their destinations such as restaurants, movie malls, railway and bus stations, assistance for shopping, filling out paper work at banks, offices, educational institutions, etc.,

Q. I want to help, but I do not know how to guide a person with vision loss as an escort.

We will be pleased to train you on required sighted guide techniques if you ever need to know about how to assist them. You can contact us to know more. Also, click the link below for a list of etiquettes to be followed while you are around them.


Q. Can one use this app anywhere from India?

As of now, it’s only available for users and volunteers located in Hyderabad, Telangana. Nevertheless, keep the clock ticking as it shall get to your place sooner or later!

Q. Is there any tutorial on Helping Hands for volunteers?

Check below for the tutorial and get ready to help!

  • Click on the ready to help button
Ready to help
  • Check the list of assistance requested by several users
Ready to help
  • Accept the request for which you know you will be available.
  • The user may contact you, following which you may be confirmed for the assistance
  • A SMS with one time password will be sent to you as well as the user
  • Verify it with the user at the scheduled time of assistance.

That’s it….. Happy helping then!

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us right away!

Helpline Services
Ph: 040-30612841 & 040-30612842
Email: rehabhelpline@lvpei.org
Website: www.lvpei.org/helplinenew