Q. How can I register on Helping Hands app?

Click the link below to download the app, and follow the instructions mentioned in it.

Google play

Q. What details will I have to enter for registering?

Your name and phone number is all you have to enter besides submitting a photocopy of your disability certificate. And that’s it, you’d be set to use the app!

Q. Is the app available both on Playstore and Appstore?

As of now, the app is only available on Playstore, but we are soon going to launch it on Appstore as well. So do look forward to it!

Q. Can one use this app anywhere from India?

As of now, it’s only available for users and volunteers located in Hyderabad, Telangana. Nevertheless, keep the clock ticking as it shall get to your place sooner or later!

Q. Do I have to pay the volunteer for the service offered?

No, not at all, Helping Hands is a free service and the volunteers registered are keen individuals who are willing to assist!

Q. Do I have to bear the travel expense for the volunteer?

Yes, you are expected to do so. However, it could be between you and your volunteer’s discretion.