Prof. Krothapalli Ravindranath Ophthalmic Research Biorepository

The Prof. Krothapalli Ravindranath ophthalmic research biorepository (KR-ORBR) is a state-of-art facility, established with generous support from Prof. Krothapalli Ravindranath, retired dean, SV Veterinary University, Tirupati. This facility is dedicated to preserve all the biological tissues for future research. Preserved tissues can be studied prospectively or retrospectively enabling the research scientists gain new and novel insights about the pathogenesis of the blinding diseases and develop new therapies.

The KR-ORBR will be operating on three basic levels of:

  • Tissue collection/retrieval: Proper written informed consent will be obtained from patients or guardians. The biological tissue or material will be collected directly from the clinic or the operating room. Measures will be taken to process and store the tissues with minimal transit time. Universal and bio-safety level precautions will be thoroughly maintained
  • Tissue banking: Storage of tissues will be done by either cryopreservation (which involves snap freezing in isopentane pre-cooled in liquid nitrogen or storing fresh tissue at -80 degrees C) or by using preservative material. The biological fluids such as blood, aqueous humour, vitreous and tear samples, Schirmer’s strips will be stored fresh or with added preservative.
  • Distribution: Preserved samples will be provided to the clinicians or scientists for testing and analysis after proper ethical clearances.