Visual Perception Lab

Visual Performance Laboratory

Vision is a complex process of the brain. Through vision we are able to identify faces, search for objects and navigate in our world. While patients come to us with complaints about their functional vision problems (e.g. unable to see bus number), in the clinic they get evaluated on visual functions (e.g. visual acuity)

At the Visual Performance Lab we aim to study both the visual functions and functional vision. We aim to translate our research findings to clinical testing and further translate to how patients can use that information to function in their day to day living.

We specifically test children with vision impairment (e.g. amblyopia) and those with special needs (e.g. Down syndrome). We operate in the domain of low vision, pediatric vision and binocular vision.

Ongoing research works:

  1. Visual fields measurement in infants and children using Pediatric Perimeter
  2. Measurement of visual acuity and contrast sensitivity in children with cerebral visual impairment
  3. Validating tools for Tele-Ophthalmology
  4. Measurement of visual functions in binocular vision disorders (e.g. spasm of near reflex)
  5. Measurement of functional vision (e.g. visual search) in patients with visual impairment and with special needs
  6. Eye tracking in patients with and without visual impairment

Please see the below Google Scholar link for list of publications from the lab:

Lab members

Principal Investigator

Dr PremNandhini Satgunam

Dr Rebecca Sumalini

Monika Thakur

PhD student (LVPEI and City, University of London)
Consultant Optometrist at the Institute for Vision Rehabilitation Clinic. Her research work focuses on quantifying the visual functions in children with special needs.

Research Optometrists:

Anantha Padmanabhan

Shakthi Pradheepa


  1. Vineela
  2. Kishore Kumar Jagini
  3. Cyril Sara Babukutty
  4. Eshwar K
  5. Saujanwita Roy
  6. Prabhavathi Dasika
  7. Sourav Dutta
  8. Shivalika Sehgal
  9. Ranindita Saha
  10. Krishnaveni Nagarajan
  11. Mir Amir Ali